All the meat, and all it wants...

Catherine: I want a pizza.
Catherine: Why can't I have pizza.
Catherine: I need a sugar daddy.
Catherine: A pizza daddy.
Catherine: Bring me pizza once a week and I will take n00dz 4 u.

Rain on the skylight

Wish you were here
even though we’ve nothing to say

Do you remember all of your words?
Or were they simultaneously so thoughtless and desperate that
you’ve no idea
what was said
at four o’clock in the morning

I cling to the idea of what we were like happiness and safety.

These are realizations, now, and the pang of longing emptiness is

It’s not you, it’s us,
and I’m still here.

ily bby

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ily 2 bby

How are you today

Asked by Anonymous

Alright, actually, thanks. I’m overtired, so my emotions seem somewhat numbed, which is probably for the best.